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A Young Man’s War

Like every war , the Civil War was especially a young man’s war for enlisted men and commanding general s alike……………………

Out of 2.7 million Federal soldiers who fought in the Civil War, more than 2 million were 21 years old or younger-

·         More than 1 million were 18 years old or younger

·         About 800,000 were 17 years old or younger

·         About 200,000 were 16 years old or younger

·         About 100,000 were 15 years old or younger

·         300 were 13 years old or younger (mostly fifers & drummers)


Of the most famous Generals serving in the Northern and Southern armies :


 General Joshua Pennypacker    was 20 years old   (youngest Union General)

 General William Roberts  was 23 years old   (youngest Confederate General)

 General George Armstrong Custer  was 23 years old

 General Judson Kilpatrick  was 26 years old

 General Joseph Wheeler   was 26 years old

 General Rooney Lee  was 27 years old (Robt E Lee’s son)

 Gen Stephen Ramseur  was 27 years old

 General Wesley Merritt was 27 years old

 General Fitz Lee was 28 years old

 Gen Dorsey Pender was 29 years old

 General J.E.B Stuart was 29 years old

 General Stephen D Lee was 29 years old

 General John B Gordon was 30 years old

 General Custis Lee was 30 years old (another of Robt E Lee’s sons)

 General Philip Sheridan was 31 years old

 General John B Hood was 31 years old

 General Oliver Howard was 32 years old

 General Gouveneur K Warren was 33 years old

 General George Crook was 34 years old

 General James B McPherson was 34 years old

 General George Pickett was 34 years old

 General Patrick Cleburne was 34 years old

 General Lew Wallace was 35 years old

General George B McClellan was 35 years old

 General John Hunt Morgan was 36 years old

 General A.P. Hill was 37 years old

 General Stonewall Jackson was 37 years old

 General E Kirby Smith was 37 years old

 General Ulysses S Grant was 39 years old

 General James Longstreet was 40 years old

General William T Sherman was 41 years old

General Earl Van Dorn was 41 years old

 General D H Hill was 41 years old

 General Nathan B Forest was 42 years old

General P.G.T Beauregard was 43 years old

 General John C Breckinridge was 43 years old

General Braxton Bragg was 44 years old

General Richard S Ewell was 45 years old

General Jubal Early was 46 years old

General George Meade was 46 years old

General Joseph Hooker was 47 years old

General John C Pemberton was 48 years old


Some of the “older” Generals on both sides at the start of the war  were :

Robert E Lee –was 54 years old

Joseph Johnston – was 54 years old  

Albert Sydney Johnston  – was  58 years old

John Dix  – was 63 years old

Samuel Cooper  – was 63 years old

Edwin Sumner  – was 64 years old

John Wool – was 74 years old

Winfield Scott –  was 75 years old

Famous Firsts of the Civil War


Famous Firsts of the Civil War


·         The Medal of Honor

·         U.S. Navy Admiral

·         African American Military Officer

·         Military Draft

·         U.S. Military Voting

·         U.S. Secret Service

·         Naval Torpedoes

·         Ironclad Navies

·         Military Telegraph

·         Military Railroads

·         Aerial Reconnaissance

·         Hospital Ships

·         Battlefield Photography

·         Railroad Artillery

·         Functional Submarine

·         Flame Throwers

·         Anti aircraft Fire

·         Repeating rifles

·         Telescopic Rifle sights

·         Land Mine Fields

·         Organized Medical and Nursing Corps

·         Economic Warfare


And to provide Federal funding for the Civil War, the FIRST:

·         Income Tax

·         Withholding Tax

·         Tobacco Tax

·         Cigarette Tax


It was also the first time an American President was assassinated……………………..